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Learning, investing, connecting, creating-the library is a community hub that guarantees access, welcomes all, and offers a foundation for building future readers, leaders, artists and professionals.  

The Butte-Silver Bow Public Library is committed to free and unfettered access to resources, technology, and services that support the community’s investment in literacy, artistry, commerce, and entertainment.  The library operates for the betterment of the community, inviting residents, old and new, connecting citizens and institutions, and building knowledge and skill in every generation.  Great libraries demonstrate a commitment to learning and investing in future generations.  Great libraries are a source of pride and a magnet for newcomers.  The presence of a branch library benefits surrounding neighborhoods and provides access to culture, art, and education.  Libraries are places for community conversations, connections to local government and nonprofit organizations.  Great libraries kickstart local entrepreneurs and small business and develop 21st century workforce skills.  


  • Encourage an educated and inquisitive citizenry
  • Respond to users’ needs with innovative library services
  • Provide easy access to free government information
  • Assure equitable access to all library resources and services
  • Guarantee patron privacy
  • Support economic development of Butte-Silver Bow
  • Operate as responsible stewardship of public funds
  • Communicate in an open, direct, and timely manner
  • Continuously improve a competent, helpful, professional staff

Goals and Objectives:

Public Services

  • Support early literacy, lifelong learning, and community engagement at all locations
  • Provide library materials, services, and technology with convenient access, that are targeted to the specific interests and needs of our citizens
  • Create and develop community partnerships
  • Attract and hire highly qualified staff and support professional development for all staff members


  • Provide welcoming, safe, accessible, and dynamic spaces for citizens
  • Evaluate the information architecture by creating and maintaining a technology plan
  • Administer an effective volunteer program
  • Create and execute policies and procedures that support library values


  • Provide a variety of materials and programs to children, teens and adults. 
  • Analyze collection usage by patrons to ensure that adequate and appropriate materials are purchased and made available for use at all locations
  • Continue to participate in resource sharing with other Montana libraries.